Wednesday, November 27, 2013

30-Day Push-up Challenge

Push-ups are hard, especially for most women because it focuses on muscles that we are traditional weak in. Most instructors give women the girly push-up modifications. Those are perfectly acceptable but I would like to challenge those out there who want to do them like a man and do it better.

For December, I would like to challenge ladies to do the 30- day push-up challenge, which is coincidentally the hardest month to stay on track especially with the onslaught of Christmas parties, dinners, and treats. SO, I challenge you to get on the floor and empower yourself with a push-up.

Anatomy of a Push-up

Although push-ups target your pectoral muscles (chest) and triceps (flappy back arm bits), they greatly strengthen your stabilizing abdominal muscles such as your transverse abdominis (your corset that gives you the six pack), and rectus abdmonis. You will notice difference in your shoulders, back, and gluteus maximus (butt).
*Full push-ups are not advisable if you have shoulder problems, wrist pain, and lower back pain.

For those who have never attempted a push-up or given up after 2 or 3, start with the modifications (1-4) in week 1 and 2. Once you get stronger and can do 10-12 \ with ease, challenge yourself with the harder progressions. For those who are stronger, try the harder progressions, if you can do 8-10 repetitions without your hip collapsing, that is where you should begin. I have included planks to further engage your core. But if you find that too be too much, just do the push-ups.

Progressions (from Easiest to Most challenging)

  1. Wall push-up
  2. Inclined Push-ups
  3. Bent Knee Push-ups
  4. Plank- 10 sec-hold-Push down
  5. Push-up
  6. Stability Ball Push-ups
  7. Decline Push-ups
    • On Bench
    • On Ball
  8. One leg Push-ups 

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