Saturday, June 8, 2013

A sudden death...a comedy

iTouch 2nd,Genration 16G, of Astoria New York passed away on May 16, 2013.

She was born on December 25, 2008 to K Ryan. From the moment she arrived, she brought much joy to her family. She had quite a capacity for music, and although she liked all music, she favored Keane mostly.

Itouch 2 was quite the library for books and constantly downloaded new books for K to read on the train to and from work. She often kept K busy with the new fitness apps to make sure she stayed ahead of the game.

During downtime, she often kept K entertained with games such as Angry Bird but unfortunately K was never quite good at it and abandoned it quite quickly. But iTouch 2 never gave up and always tried to offer new games.

At times, she kept photo albums for K to look at and often helped her pick up a new hairstyle to show the hair stylist. But all this came to an abrupt end in the hands of an 8-month old baby. iTouch was drowned in saliva and although she fought a mighty fight, her frail body could no longer take the water and other sticky substance coming from this small force of nature.

There were failed attempts to resuscitate her by way of submersion in Rice and Silica Gel Packets, but to no avail.

Her funereal services will be held this weekend in a black bin in Sandyford, Ireland. She requested it be a private ceremony by only family members. She is survived by MacBook Pro.  


Dear Readers, 

I apologize for being MIA but being a full-time mom is hard work! As much as it is rewarding, it has many challenging moments. It is truly amazing how much energy a baby has!!! I wish I could borrow some of that energy on many days. 

I plan to start writing again in the near future. But for now, I am collecting ideas, recipes, and fitness workouts with you mummies in mind. Find me on FB for short recipe inspirations. Link 
Until then, keep well and be happy.


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