Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Welcome to your March challenge. 

Split –jumps;  A fun plyo exercise that uses max muscle force over a short period of time. It will require fast, explosive execution, training your muscles and nervous system to generate more explosive power. 30 days of this bad boy and you may increase speed, improve cat-like reflexes, and sudden change in direction when accelerating, or decelerating(handy with a running toddler!!).

Split jumps is a heart raiser compared to the traditional lunge. It requires coordination, balance, and core strength. Done right, it can be a overall body toner(most notably bum, and abs), improve the flexibility in your hips, ankle, back, and improve knee extension. 

For the maximum benefit, do them until your form gives. (i.e knees caving in, you can no longer land lightly form the jump) Once it happens, stop. Take a break, you can resume after you feel you can go back with good form. (As always please consult a dr, if you are pregnant or just recovering from giving birth, as this is an intermediate level challenge)

  1. Stand in a staggered stance with your feet 2 to 3 feet apart, your right foot in front of your left.
  2. Keeping your chest lifted, shoulders relaxed, both feet facing forward, bend your legs and lower your body weight towards the floor into a lunge
  3. Then push up explosively and jump off the ground. Switch your legs in mid-air and then land with your opposite feet forward and back from where your started. 
  4. As you land, bend both knees so as to soften the landing. Push back up again explosively and switch your legs around back to start position.

-Try to keep your hips level so that one doesn’t dip lower than the other.
-When bending your knees, they should travel in the same direction as your middle toe. Ensure that they don’t move inwards or outwards as they bend.
-Try to land as soft as possible when coming down from jumping, it will be less stress your joints
-Lastly, perfect practice makes perfect form. So start off slow, and build momentum once you have the form down pat!